Technical Data

  • Up- and down counter with 6-digit
    display up to “999999”
  • Divider ratio setting 1..8
  • Counting speed 100 counts/sec.
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 digit
  • Equipped with rechargeable NiCd cells
  • Dimensions: L=190 mm, W=100 mm
  • Detects component wires from
    0,4 to 1,5 mm diameter

Delivery Check

  • Counter with sensor head screw
  • Base
  • Belt guide assembly
  • Side guide strip
  • Mains adapter 230/9V= or 115/9V=

Method of operation

The sensor head contains an infrared photo interrupter on which the component legs pass by. The motion of the component legs or other non transmissive media through the sensorhead causes the infrared receiver to trigger an electronic control circuit. The counter will show how many components have passed through. Counting is possible in either direction. Up-down feature offers highest safety level against erratic counts.

The circuit is powered on built-in NiCd battery pack or on mains adapter.

Technical SpecificationsInstruction manual counter CC-15